Does your CV shine?

The jobs market is very competitive – especially when the economy is struggling. Some people go to great lengths to attract the attention of potential employers. Rob and Neil talk about what makes a good CV. Listen to their conversation and learn some new vocabulary.

This week’s question:

When you go for a job interview, how long do you have on average to make a good enough impression for an employer to hire you? Do you have…

a)      Less than 3 minutes

b)     Less than 5 minutes

c)      Less than 10 minutes

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


CV (curriculum vitae)
document in which you list your work history, education, your interests and abilities

video posted online which becomes popular very quickly

to stand out
to appear more than others in the same group

get your strengths across
make your abilities clear to somebody

self-assure, believe in your own capacity to do things


brief, give the information in few words



Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript

Hello, I’m Rob. Welcome to 6 Minute English. With me in the studio today is Neil. Hello, Neil!

Hello there, Rob!

Now I bet you have an impressive CV, Neil. CV is short for curriculum vitae – that’s a Latin expression we use for the document in which people list their work history, education, interests and abilities. In other parts of the English-speaking world it’s called a resume. Now, Neil, I know you are a very good teacher and producer, but does your CV actually shine?

Well, I hope it’s good enough to impress hiring managers. But it’s a challenge to prove on a piece of paper or online document that you’re really better than the other people who are competing for the same position.

Today we’re talking about CVs and you’ll learn some words related to this topic, which will especially interest jobseekers – that’s what we call people looking for work.

Yes, and jobseekers have to worry about having an impressive CV so they get that call for a job interview.

Yes, the CV is just the beginning. And, as you mentioned job interviews, I’ll ask you a question all about this. According to a recent survey, managers decide quite quickly if they’re going to really consider giving a candidate a job or not. So, when you go for a job interview how long do you have, on average, to make a good enough impression for an employer to hire you? Do you have…

a)     Less than 3 minutes

b)     Less than 5 minutes

c)     Less than 10 minutes

Well, I think it’s probably quite short so I’m going to go for: (b) 5 minutes.

Well, you’ll have the correct answer – the result of this survey – at the end of the programme. But people have done all sorts of unusual things to reach the interview level. One of them is Briton Daniel Conway, who went from posing shirtless in the street with the phrase “employ me” written on his chest to uploading a video on social media asking to be hired.

Ah, this video went viral – it means became popular very quickly. In it his daughter appears next to the phrase “give my dad a job”.

Yes. Daniel Conway tells us about his experience looking for work. Which word does he use when he says he wanted to be noticed?

Daniel Conway, former jobseeker
I just thought as a young naive kid that I would kind of walk into a job, but the truth is, you know, there are a lot of good people out there who got just as great skills and I realised at that point that you’ve got to stand out and get your strengths across.

He uses the phrasal verb to stand out – it means to be more visible than others in a group so that he can be noticed.

Dan Conway uses another phrasal verb: get your strengths across – to get something across means to make something clear. In this case he wants the employer to understand how good he is as a potential employee, his strengths and his good qualities.

And did he get a job?

Well, yes, he did. And I’m glad to say that after four years this 29-year-old man got a job marketing vitamins!

Well, we can say that he was good at marketing himself.

Yes, we can. Well, he was bold and courageous in his attempts to catch potential employers’ attention. He showed a quality described by career coach Corinne Mills. Listen to what she says and tell me: what is the quality jobseekers have to show for sure.

Corinne Mills, MD – Personal Career Management
You’ve got to be confident! I mean, if you are not confident about your skills and abilities, then why should an employer have faith in you? So, don’t be modest. This is your opportunity to really show your skills and experience and what a great performer you’re gonna be in the job.

The career coach says you’ve got to be confident! It means self-assured, believe in your capacity to do things. And sometimes we feel that it isn’t nice to say “I’m very good at this” or “I’m wonderful at that” but she advises you not to be modest.

Exactly. Modest means humble, moderate when talking about your abilities.

You know, Rob, I’ve got some top tips for people writing their CV.

OK, well, let’s have them.

Yes. Here is the first one: you have to be concise – it means brief, give the information in a few words. Maybe you could write a brief profile at the top and keep the CV to just two pages.

Thank you. That’s a good bit of advice. And I think you should give evidence of success in previous jobs. If a presentation you did helped you to get a client you should include it there. And be accurate, in other words, be precise and tell the truth. Don’t invent things.

And you should also remember to check your spelling and grammar!

Yes, that’s very important! Well, we wish everybody success when writing and sending out their CV, and we hope they are called for a job interview, in which they have a very short period of time to leave a good impression…

Indeed! So how long after all is this period of time, according to your survey? Did I get the answer to the question you asked at the beginning of the programme right?

Well, I asked you: how long do you have on average to make a good enough impression for an employer to hire you? Do you have less than 3 minutes, less than 5 minutes or less than 10 minutes?

And I said less than 5 minutes.

And you’re wrong. The correct answer is actually less than 10 minutes, so you’d have a little bit longer. Jobseekers have on average just six minutes and 25 seconds during the first meeting to impress potential employers. That’s according to a new study from the website And we’re almost out of time. So let’s remember some of the words we said today, Neil.

CV (curriculum vitae)


to stand out

get your strengths across





Thank you. Well, that is it for today. Do log on to to find more 6 Minute English programmes. Until next time. Goodbye!


این 30 کلمه همیشه اشتباه تلفظ می‌شوند

این 30 کلمه همیشه اشتباه تلفظ می‌شوند

انگلیسی یکی از رایج‌ترین زبان‌های دنیاست. امروزه تا 8/1 میلیارد نفر در سطح جهان به زبان انگلیسی صحبت می‌کنند. این زبان را به راحتی می‌توان یاد گرفت و دارای انعطاف‌پذیری بالایی است. به رغم این موضوع، کلمات بسیاری است که توسط افراد بسیاری اشتباه تلفظ می‌شوند. شاید به این خاطر که انگلیسی زبان مادری‌شان نیست و لهجه‌ی منطقه‌ای مخصوص به خود دارند. این 30 کلمه همیشه اشتباه تلفظ می‌شوند، حتی توسط اکثر کسانی که انگلیسی زبان مادری‌شان است.

1. Almond (درخت بادام): این میوه‌ی خشک به صورت Ah-mund (u مانند sun) تلفظ می‌شود. Lبی‌صداست. نباید آن را به صورت Aal-mund تلفظ کنید.
2. Bury (دفن کردن): این کلمه به صورت Be-ri مانند berry تلفظ می‌شود، نه به صورت Beu-ri یا Burr-ri.
3. Dengue (تب استخوان‌شکن): این بیماری به صورت Den-gee («gee» مثل cheese) تلفظ می‌شود. نباید آن را به صورت Den-goo تلفظ کنید.
4. Dessert (دسر): این کلمه به صورت dizz-urt (u مثل sun) تلفظ می‌شود نه بصورت des-ert که به معنای زمین لم‌یزرع است.
5. Schedule (برنامه زبان‌بندی): در انگلیسی امریکایی، sked-jule تلفظ صحیح این واژه است. در انگلیسی بریتانیایی، shed-yool تلفظ صحیح آن است.
6. Zebra (زرافه): در انگلیسی امریکایی، صدای حرف Z، Zee است. بنابراین Zee-bra (تلفظ ee مثل tree). در انگلیسی بریتانیایی، می‌توان Zeb-ra (تلفظ Zeb مثل egg) باشد.
7. Niche: در انگلیسی امریکایی می‌توان آن را به صورت Nee-sh (تلفظ Nee مثل tree) تلفظ کرد. اما در انگلیسی بریتانیایی، به صورت Nitch (مثل switch) تلفظ می‌شود.
8. Bowl (کاسه): به صورت bo-hl (تلفظ o مثل roll) تلفظ می‌شود، نه به صورت ba-ool که غلط است.
9. Euler: به صورت Oiler تلفظ می‌شود، نه به صورت Yuler/Yular که غلط است.
10. Truth (حقیقت): به صورت troo-th (مثل boo) تلفظ می‌شود و نه به صورت tru-th.
11. Epitome (نمونه): عموماً به صورت ep-i-tome (مثل foam) تلفظ می‌شود. اما تلفظ صحیح ep-i-tummy است.
12. Develop (توسعه دادن): تلفظ صحیح D vay lupp است و نه Day vay lupp.
13. Pizza (پیتزا): تلفظ صحیح peet-zuh (peet مثل wheat) است نه Pi-za.
14. Monk (راهب): باید به صورت muhngk مثل drunk تلفظ شود. غالباً به غلط به صورت mawnk (mon مثل montreal) تلفظ می‌شود.
15. Genre (ژانر): تلفظ صحیح Zhon-ruh (Zh صدایی همچون vision دارد و ruh مثل umbrella است) می‌باشد. معمولاً به غلط به صورت Jen-ner تلفظ می‌شود.
16. Quote (نقل‌قول): تلفظ صحیح Kwo-te است. معمولاً مثل coat تلفظ می‌شود که غلظ است.
17. Sour (ترش): تلفظ صحیح sower (مثل power) است. معمولاً به صورت saar تلفظ می‌شود که غلط است.
18. Quinoa (گیاه کوینولا): تلفظ صحیح به صورت keen-wah است. غالباً به صورت keenoah تلفظ می‌شود که نادرست است.
19. Ethyl، methyl (اتیل، متیل): تلفظ صحیح به صورت A-thil، mey-thil (thil مانند hill) است. اما این کلمات معمولاً به صورت eethail، meethail (aail مانند ice) تلفظ می‌شوند.
20. Porsche (پورشه): تلفظ صحیح Por-shuh است. معمولاً به غلط porsh تلفظ می‌شود.
21. Salon (سالن): بایستی به صورت sa-lon (sa مانند Apple و lon مانند John) تلفظ شود. معمولاً به صورت suh-loon تلفظ می‌شود که نادرست است.
22. Police (پلیس): تلفظ درست به صورت Puh-leece است. معمولاً به اشتباه Poo-leece تلفظ می‌شود.
23. Chauvinism (میهن‌پرستی): تلفظ درست به صورت shoh-vuh-niz-uh-m است. به غلط chow-vi-ni-zum تلفظ می‌شود.
24. Coupon (کوپن): تلفظ صحیح به صورت Koo-pon (pon مثل pawn) است. معمولاً به غلط koo-pun (تلفظ u مثل sun) تلفظ می‌شود.
25. Gauge (وسیله اندازه‌گیری): تلفظ صحیح gayj است. معمولاً به غلط gauj تلفظ می‌شود.
26. Raspberry (تمشک): تلفظ صحیح به صورت Raz-ber-ee است. این میوه غالباً به صورت rasp-berry تلفظ می‌شود که نادرس است. P نباید خوانده شود.
27. Cocoa (کاکائو): باید به صورت koh-koh تلفظ شود، نه koh-koh-wa.
28. Capris (کاپریس): تلفظ صحیح به صورت Kuh-preez است و نه cape-reese.
29. Victuals (آذوقه): تلفظ صحیح به صورت vittles است. معمولاً به صورت vik-choo-uls خوانده می‌شود که نادرست است.
30. Plumber (لوله‌کش): تلفظ صحیح آن plume(r) است و b نباید خوانده شود.

این پست را چگونه می‌بینید؟ برای شما مفید بود؟ لطفا با نوشتن کامنت در زیر ما را مطلع کنید.

45 Essential British Slang Words for English Learners

No. Slang Words Explanation
1 Any road “Any road” is another way of saying ”anyway”. It is commonly used up North. Instead of saying anyway, they say “any road”!
2 All right This is technically a form of greeting. It is used a lot in London and the south to mean “Hello, how are you”. It is usually said as a question. Sometimes it gets expanded to “All right mate“? You would say it to someone you knew or a complete stranger. The normal response would be  to say “All right” back to speaker.
3 Ace  This is used a lot in Liverpool. If something is ace, it means it is awesome!
4 Anal When someone is being anal about something, he is choosing to be an asshole. He is choosing to be tight and strong minded like the anal sphincter. Therefore, you tell him: ”Don’t be anal”.
5 Ass This means your buttocks, your backside, but mostly a donkey!
6 Arse This word means the same as ass, but is much ruder. It is used in phrases like “pain in the arse” (a nuisance) or I “can’t be arsed” (I can’t be bothered) or you might hear someone say “a half arsed attempt” meaning that it was not done properly.
7 Aye It means yes. It is commonly used in Scotland. It was used in the film ”Brave Heart”
8 Bladdered When a Brit say you are Bladdered, they mean you are drunk.
9 Ballistic It is used in informal settings to describe anger and rage. E.g.  He went ballistic ( meaning he went mad)
10 Bloke Another word for male
11 Barmy If someone tells you that you’re barmy they mean you have gone mad or crazy. For example you’d have to be barmy to visit England without trying black pudding!
12 Beastly You would call something or somebody beastly if they were really nasty or unpleasant. Most people would consider you a snob  if you used this word. People like Fergie can get away with it though.
13 Blinding If something is a blinding success – it means it’s a great success!
14 Blinkered Someone who is blinkered is narrow minded or narrow sighted – they only see one view on a subject.
15 Bloody One of the most useful swear words in English. It is used for emphasis. E.g.  “bloody awful” or “bloody hell”. “bloody brilliant “. It is used to emphasize almost anything!
16 Bollocks This is a great English word with many excellent uses. Technically speaking it means testicles but is typically used to describe something that is no good (that’s bollocks) or that someone is talking rubbish (he’s talking bollocks).
17 Bugger all  If something costs bugger all, it means that it costs nothing. Meaning it is cheap. If you have bugger all, it means you have nothing.
18 Cheers This word is obviously used when drinking with friends. However, it also has other colloquial meanings. For example when saying goodbye you could say “cheers”, or “cheers then”. It also means thank you.
19 Chips French fries. it is basically a deep fried finger length potatoes eaten in the UK not to be confused with American potato chips-  these are known a crisps in the UK
20 Chat up To be flirtatious, that is, to speak to someone with the intent of eventually engaging in sexual intercourse with them. Generally conducted in a relaxed, playful and outstandingly obvious manner.
21 Cracking Another word for good. Usually said without pronouncing the last “G”. If a girl is cracking it means she is stunning.
22 Dear If something is dear it means it is expensive. E.g.   Don’t you think flights to Nigeria is are dear.
23 Dodgy Bad quality and untrustworthy. If someone or something is a bit dodgy, it is not to be trusted.
24 DIY It is Commonly used in Britain as a short for do it yourself.
25 Excuse me Technically, it is used when addressing a stranger, when interrupting or disagreeing with someone, or to request repetition of what has just been said.
26 Fancy Like or desire.  In America it means to like someone in a sexual way, to want to be with them,  to want to go out with them. In Britain, fancy means the same but it also means ‘want’ E.g.   Do you fancy a cake? Technically, fancy is used for both people and food. Geezer – old man
27 Grub Food. E.g.  I’m hungry, Let’s get some grub
28 Gutted This is a very common slang in Britain. It means to be sad or upset. E.g.  like when you fail your driving test!
29 Jolly Good Very good. E.g.  a Jolly good fellow
30 Daft Basically means stupid, insane, nuts, moronic, asinine
31 Knackered Tired or sleepy; exhausted. E.g.  I am feeling a bit knackered today.
32 Loaded This has nothing to do with loading a van. It simply means ‘rich‘. When a Brit says that guy is loaded, it means he is rich!
33 Loony Mad, crazy
34 On about This is a very handy one to know. It means what are you talking about?
35 One off A one off is used to describe a one-time event that is never to be repeated.
36 Piece of Cake When something is exceptionally easy. E.g.  He makes that dance look like a piece of cake
37 Pissed Another word for Drunk Posh – High class, sophisticated.
38 Puke Vomit Quid – A pound in English money.
39 Smashing If something is smashing, it means it is terrific.
40 Ta A slang word for Thank you.
41 Taking a Piss This has nothing to do with Urine. It basically means making fun of someone.
42 Twat A  word used to insult someone who has offended you. It means a person who is a stupid and lacks good sense of judgement. It is also a slang for female genitals.
43 Up for it To be available. When a Brit say they are up for it, it means you are willing to come along. E.g.  You up for going down the pub?” “Yeah mate, i’m up for it” Uni : short word for university
44 Wanker This is a derogatory term used to describe someone who is a bit of a jerk. It actually means someone who masturbates and also has a hand signal that can be done with one hand at people that cannot see you shouting “wanker” at them. This is particularly useful when driving.
45 Wind up This has a couple of meanings. If something you do is a “wind up” it means you are making fun of someone. However it you are “wound up” it means you are annoyed.

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    ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE: جهت حرفه ها و زبان هایی است که یاد گرفته اید و یا بغیر از تحصیل و یا کار خود در آن وارد هستند برای مثال جوشکاری وزبان آلمانی و . . . (توصیه میشود به علت اینکه زبان مادری شما FARSI است آن را حتما با level native  به عنوان مزیت وارد نمایید در خارج از ایران ممکن است برخی از کمپانی ها برای بخش پشتیبانی و یا ارتباطی به کارمندانی با زبان فارسی احتیاج داشته باشند و این مزیت بزرگی برای شما خواهد بود.)
    حتما شماره تلفن معتبر و ایمیل معتبر بنویسید تا اگر با شما تماس گرفته شد پاسخگو باشید.
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