About F1 Immigration Consultants Ltd

F1 Immigration Consultants Ltd is a company that has been set up to provide consultancy advice to our customers in the field of immigration. We liaise with a panel of UK and Irish solicitors who specialist in immigration law as well as attorneys local to our customers. We assist with the gathering of information relevant to the customer’s required visa applications and we provide services in the field of translation, document certification and strategic advice.

Why the UK & Ireland

Mobility of labour has become a central characteristic of our globalist economy and the UK and Ireland remain attractive destinations for individuals and corporate entities wishing to establish themselves in Europe.

This is partly because English is an international language but also because of the flexibility of our labor market and the business-friendly environment that successive governments have sought to foster in these jurisdictions.

Unlike much of Continental Europe, the UK and Irish economies continue to grow apace and they are in fact amongst the fastest growing economies in the developed world.

We wish to allow you, your families and your businesses to capitalist on this trend by helping to you to safely navigate the rather complicated, slow and bureaucratic UK and Irish visa systems.Immigration Services

We provide a professional and effective immigration application service for clients who seek entry to the United Kingdom or Ireland.